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Adventure Idaho Essential Eligibility Requirements

At Adventure Idaho, we believe in creating an inclusive and diverse environment where all participants can enjoy our range of outdoor adventures. Our eligibility criteria are designed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone, while accommodating a broad spectrum of abilities and backgrounds.

  1. Informed Decision-Making: Ability to understand detailed information about our activities, assessing the risks and requirements, and making informed choices based on individual capabilities and those of dependents.

  2. Activity-Specific Physical Requirements:

    • Rafting: Maintain balance and stay seated in a raft, holding on as needed.

    • Kayaking: Follow commands and paddle effectively in various water conditions.

  3. Safety Equipment Compliance: Use of a Type V Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device and a helmet, where required, with adjustments for a proper fit.

  4. Mobility in Diverse Conditions: Capable of boarding and disembarking boats multiple times a day, navigating through different terrains and obstacles.

  5. Effective Communication: Ability to follow and understand both verbal and non-verbal instructions, particularly in critical situations, and communicate effectively with guides and fellow adventurers.

  6. Self-Rescue Skills in Water: Proficiency in swimming in different conditions and actively participating in self-rescue techniques. Capable of swimming 100 yds in a Type V Coast Guard approved PFD.

  7. Personal Gear Management: For extended trips, manage personal gear, including carrying it to camping locations, independently or with assistance.

  8. Trail Hiking Capabilities: For hiking-focused trips, ability to trek independently on challenging trails.

  9. Health and Safety Self-Management: Independently manage personal health, allergies, and medications, and protect against environmental risks.

  10. Positive Group Dynamics: Engage cooperatively in group settings, contributing to a safe and inclusive environment for all.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Adventure Idaho is deeply committed to fostering an environment where diversity and inclusivity are not just encouraged but are core to our operations. We understand that each individual brings a unique perspective and set of abilities to our adventures. We are dedicated to accommodating a wide range of physical abilities and health conditions, ensuring that our adventures are accessible to as many people as possible.

Our team is trained to provide necessary accommodations and support, tailoring our activities to meet individual needs without compromising the safety or integrity of the experience. We believe that the great outdoors should be accessible to everyone, regardless of physical or mental abilities, and we work diligently to create adaptive programs that allow everyone to participate and enjoy.

Enhanced Participant Information

Participating in outdoor adventures with Adventure Idaho is about embracing the wilderness and its inherent uncertainties. We equip our participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to handle various situations. This involves understanding the realistic physical and mental demands of wilderness adventures.

We advise all potential participants to consult with healthcare professionals if they have medical or health conditions that might affect their ability to engage in outdoor activities. Our guides are trained to respond to a variety of situations, ensuring that all participants have a safe and memorable experience.

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