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Rafting Trips
Youth Groups, Scouts, Church & Other Organizations!

We specialize in river experiences for youth groups, high adventure, girls' camps, boy scout troops, and family reunions. Our decades long partnership with the Boy Scouts of America, running trips on the Middle Fork of the Salmon, and our deep understanding of the values and needs of youth groups make us the ideal choice for your high adventure trips. 

Uplifting Journeys:

Our adventures are more than just rafting; they are opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and reflection amidst nature’s grandeur. We provide an environment where young people can strengthen their confidence, build character, and forge lasting bonds.

Mentorship and Leadership:

Our guides are selected for their ability to connect with youth. They are not just experts in river navigation, but examples and mentors to be looked up to. They are hired and trained to ensure each trip aligns with the values and standards of your organization - focusing on safety, teamwork, and building confidence.

With Adventure Idaho, embark on a journey that goes beyond the rapids. Reach out to us to plan your trip and set forth on a journey that will inspire for years to come!

Call for group discount pricing!

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