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Rowing Your Own Boat

No luck in the river permit lotteries?
Row your own boat on Main or Lower Salmon!

Our guides enjoying having row your owns tag along on our trips!
We can't allow this for everyone and we may decline requests based on experience and qualifications.

Our trips move at a fast pace. While rowing, our guides typically don't pull (upstream ferry) for navigation, but rather push (downstream ferry) to maintain momentum. This allows more time at fun, interesting stops along the way. We've had issues in the past with rowers being unable to keep up. This affects the quality of the trip for all.

Can I carry passengers?

No. Only guides licensed by IOGA (Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association) can legally carry passengers on commercial trips.

What boats are available?

We have 14-16ft rafts or 12ft catarafts for rentals. Center frame rowing setup with throw rope, straps and other needed equipment is provided.

Can I bring my own raft?

Possibly. You will need to have required safety and repair equipment. You will be responsible for getting it to and from the river.

Can I leave camp early and go at my own pace?

No. You must stay with the group.

How do I know if this is for me?

Give us a call or fill out the inquiry form and we would be happy to discuss options.

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