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Youth Rafting Trips: Revealing the Splendors of the Ultimate Youth Group Adventure!

Embark on a Budget-Friendly, Thrilling Rafting Adventure

Welcome to the Salmon River High Adventure Base, where a 3-day rafting journey awaits, promising an adventure of a lifetime for youth groups, families, and organizations. This exciting escapade is particularly crafted for youth groups, Boy Scouts and family reunions, but it's an enriching experience for anyone seeking group bonding and memorable adventures.

A Unique Offering for Large Groups

Adventure Idaho stands out as the sole outfitter to offer special discounts on overnight trips for groups from 10 to 100 people. Our privileged access to private camping areas allows us to host large groups with ease, blending intimacy with grandeur. Ideal for diverse group sizes, our trips offer an exceptional setting for team building, fellowship, and community engagement.

A Rich Itinerary Packed with Action and Connection

Our adventure begins with an engaging orientation, followed by a drive upriver, marking the start of an unforgettable rafting experience. The itinerary is carefully curated to balance excitement with opportunities for personal and spiritual growth.

Day 1: An Exciting Beginning

The journey starts with a bang at Vinegar Rapid, right around the first corner, offering an immediate thrill. After an exhilarating day on the river, the group lands at camp, where dinner and a night under the stars await.

Day 2: Kayaks and Camaraderie

The rafting adventure continues with the introduction of inflatable kayaks for those seeking an extra challenge. This day is not just about navigating the rapids; it's about laughter, teamwork, and enjoying a great time on the river. After a fun 20 mile day, board a bus back to camp for dinner, games, and time to bond with your group.

Day 3: A Memorable Conclusion

The final day brings the most exciting rapids before concluding with lunch overlooking the river, a perfect time to share stories and reflect on the journey.

Unplugging and Reconnecting: A Journey Beyond Rafting

At $299 per person (group discounts are available!) this trip is significantly more affordable than other outfitters, who often charge over $1,000 for similar experiences. This extraordinary value doesn't compromise the richness of the adventure. The trip offers a chance for participants to unplug, laugh, and form deep connections in a serene natural setting.

Rapids, Games, and Starry Nights

With over 25 rapids, including Vinegar, Carey, House Rock, Lake Creek, Timezone, Tight Squeeze and more, each day on the river is a new adventure. The campsite is a hub for activities like camp games, hiking, fishing, and enjoying the sandy beach. Nights are spent camping under the stars, adding a sense of wonder and tranquility to the experience. Check out the river map on our site.

Even the flatwater section is exciting!

Spiritual Growth Amidst Nature's Grandeur

The environment is conducive to personal and spiritual growth. Many groups utilize this time for firesides or meetings to further personal development. Our guides are happy to participate and support however needed.

The Camp: A Primitive Yet Coveted Experience

The camp, leased from the Boy Scouts of America, offers primitive facilities that ensure a genuine camping experience. This coveted location provides a private beach during the bustling summer months, making it an ideal setting for large groups.

Food Handled by Our Talented Guides

Enjoy our recently updated menu, crafted to provide tasty meals throughout the trip. Our guides handle all the food preparations, allowing you to focus solely on the experience and your group.

Guides: More Than Just River Experts

Our guides are selected for their exceptional skills in leading and connecting with youth. They are not just river guides but mentors and role models, ensuring safety, fun, and a positive influence throughout the journey. They undergo a competitive selection process and rigorous training to guarantee quality and safety. We've put so much effort into developing our guide program, we now consider it a trade secret! Know someone interested? - What It Takes To Be An Adventure Idaho Guide - Apply Now

Options for Extended Adventure

For those seeking a longer experience, a 1-2 day hike or backpacking trip in the nearby 7 Devils Range is a fantastic, nearby addition. Our 4 and 5 day rafting trips on the Main and Lower Salmon are also popular with youth groups and families. Check our site for more info!

Sevin Devils Range from the Fire Lookout - Only 45 min from Riggins!

Conclusion: An Adventure That Shapes Futures

Adventure Idaho Rafting offers more than a rafting trip; it's an opportunity for growth, bonding, and creating lifelong memories. We aspire to change lives, increase confidence in youth, and provide memories they will be talking about for years to come!

Embark on Your Adventure Today

Discover more and book your group's next enriching experience at Salmon River High Adventure Base. Join us for a journey that's thrilling, affordable, and deeply rewarding.

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