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The Ultimate Scout Adventure: Rafting, Jet Boating, and Hiking Mountain Peaks - From $795 a person!

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

For decades, Boy Scouts have tested their mettle against the rapids of Idaho's famous Middle Fork of the Salmon River. In a BSA partnership with Adventure Idaho, these trips have become a cherished tradition, sometimes booked years in advance. Now, we're excited to introduce an exhilarating new option: rafting the Lower Salmon River, a journey that combines adventure, history, and natural beauty into an unforgettable experience at an unbeatable price!

The Lower Salmon River Adventure: Moving beyond the well-traveled Middle Fork, the Lower Salmon River opens up a world of adventure with its deep, remote canyons and thrilling rapids. This 4 day stretch of river is ideal for scouts, offering warm waters, safe yet exhilarating rapids, and stunning sandy beaches. The rich history of the area, coupled with the natural scenery, makes for an educational and thrilling trip. What sets this route apart is its ending — a heart-pounding jet boat ride up the rapids into Hells Canyon, offering a unique twist to the traditional rafting experience.

Inflatable Kayak Exploration: In addition to rafting, we now offer a one-of-a-kind inflatable kayak experience (Ages 16+). Scouts have the opportunity to captain their own boats, navigating the river while learning valuable paddling skills. At night, they can sleep under the stars, using the inflatable kayak as a comfortable and insulating sleeping pad. This innovative approach to scouting adventures allows for personal growth, independence, and a deeper connection with nature.

Seven Devils Mountains Hiking Extension and Exploring Hells Canyon:

To complement the four-day rafting and jet boat journey, scouts can embark on a hiking trip in the Seven Devils Mountains. A short drive transforms the adventure into a 4-6 day expedition, offering a chance to explore diverse trails, witness breathtaking views, high alpine lakes, and experience the solitude of the wilderness.

View from the Seven Devil's Fire Lookout:

Scouts can visit the Seven Devils Fire Lookout (1/2 mile hike), open to the public in the summer. From this vantage point, scouts can gaze out over the vast expanse of Hells Canyon and the surrounding wilderness, offering a moment of reflection and wonder at the natural beauty of the deepest canyon in North America. The summit of He Devil, presents a staggering 8000-foot vertical rise above the river below. This unique view allows scouts to experience the extreme contrasts of North America's deepest canyon, from its profound depths to its soaring heights.

These hiking experiences are self-guided, but we at Adventure Idaho are happy to provide insights to ensure a safe and memorable adventure. Whether navigating the river or scaling mountain peaks, scouts will engage with some of the most dramatic and inspiring landscapes in the country, fostering a deep appreciation for the wilderness and their own capabilities.

Adventure Idaho is excited to guide scouts through these diverse and exhilarating experiences. Combined rafting and hiking trips are designed to challenge and inspire, providing life-changing adventures that go beyond the ordinary. From the thrilling jet boat ride in Hells Canyon to the serene hikes in the Seven Devils Mountains, scouts will engage with the wilderness in a way that fosters respect, skill development, and a deep appreciation for the natural world. Join us for an unparalleled scouting adventure that explores the depths and heights of North America's deepest canyon, creating memories that will last a lifetime. 4 Day Rafting Trip - Starting at $795 a person

Jetboat Included for Groups over 18 people.

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