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Unveiling the Secrets of Our Viral River Games: Dive Deeper into the Fun!

Our Instagram reel went viral with over 210,000 views and counting fast! Who knew watching river games would make such a splash? And with the flood of questions pouring in about how to play, it's time to share. Buckle up, brace yourself for #1, it's about to get wild!

8. Magic Numbers (aka Ninja Numbers) Imagine a game of musical chairs, but wilder! Played in a sandy arena, Ninja Numbers will have you hopping and dodging as you try to swap places without getting caught. It’s chaos, laughter, and adrenaline, all rolled into one.

Best rivers games for whitewater rafting trips.
Ninja Numbers

How to Play:

  • Have participants sit in a circle and assign each a number (1-20 for 20 participants).

  • One person stands in the middle with their eyes closed or blindfolded.

  • The person in the center calls out two random numbers.

  • The individuals assigned those numbers must stand and swap places without being tagged by the blindfolded/eyes-closed player.

  • If they get touched, they take the center spot, and the game continues.

7. Belly Whomping The classic whitewater rafting activity for those seeking big air! A steep beach, an overturned raft, and a hint of daredevil spirit. From graceful dives to dizzying aerials, we've witnessed belly whomping spectacles worthy of the Olympics!

Best rivers games for whitewater rafting trips.
Belly whomping

How to Play:

  • Find a beach with a steep underwater drop-off.

  • Overturn a raft and line its sides with strong individuals.

  • Using two buckets, splash water on the slide area of the raft to remove sand and create a slippery surface.

  • Players run up and slide down, with the objective being to launch off and perform the most spectacular landing or trick.

6. Ducky Run Dare to dash across a wobbly chain of inflatable kayaks? It's the ultimate wipeout challenge—just with softer landings. Pro tip: Go fast and channel your inner ninja!

Best rivers games for whitewater rafting trips.
Ducky Run

How to Play:

  • Link up to 8 inflatable kayaks (duckies) in calm river sections, end-to-end, anchored between two rafts.

  • Guides row back slightly to provide tension.

  • Players then attempt to run across the chain without falling in. The goal: make it all the way across!

5. Hoosker Doosker Age-old, yet timeless! Standing atop ammo cans, your objective is to out-pull, outwit, and outlast your opponent in a strategic tug-of-war. It's not just about strength, but also about reading your adversary's moves. May the best balancer win!

Best rivers games for whitewater rafting trips.
Hoosker Doosker at Salmon River High Adventure Base

How to Play:

  • Players stand on individual ammo cans, starting with a long, slack rope between them.

  • Both competitors try to pull as much rope as possible initially.

  • The goal is to unbalance your opponent, making them step off their can or put a foot down.

  • Advanced players will let the rope slide intentionally, throwing off their competitor.

  • Run out of rope? You have nothing left to give, allowing your competitor to pull you off.

4. Cliff Jumping The exhilaration of free-falling met with a refreshing swim. But remember, safety first: always ensure the water's deep enough before you take that leap!

Best rivers games for whitewater rafting trips.
Cliff Jumping at French Creek

3. Riverside Frisbee From competitive matches of ultimate to laid-back games of catch, the riverside beach becomes a frisbee paradise. So, let that disc fly and watch as the sun sets on your perfect game.

Best rivers games for whitewater rafting trips.
Frisbee on the Main Salmon

How to Play:

Enjoy traditional games of ultimate, 500, or simple catch on the riverside beaches.

2. The Paddle Game Strength. Precision. Coordination. Slide down a paddle, mark your reach, then rise again—using only the paddle for support. Are you up for the challenge?

Best rivers games for whitewater rafting trips.
Paddle Game at Parrot's Placer

How to Play:

  • Define a starting line and find two sticks or forks.

  • Keeping feet behind the line, players place a raft paddle ahead of them.

  • Sliding or climbing down the paddle, players then reach out and place one stick as far out in the sand as possible.

  • Without touching anything else, they must recover to a standing position.

  • The goal is to stretch the furthest while maintaining balance and recovery.

1. BUTT DARTS: The Ultimate River Game

Alright, gather 'round, because if you've ever questioned your skills at unconventional, utterly hilarious sports... this one's for you!

How to Play:

🎉 Getting Started: The Basics 🎉

  1. Rock Hunt: Send everyone to find a marble sized rock. Choose wisely; this little gem is your ticket to fame!

  2. Prep the Scene: Stick a metal pail or bucket smack dab in the center of the battleground, and mark your starting line about 30ft away.

  3. Determine the Grand Prize (Optional): Cash prize for the champ?! Exemption from doing dishes the rest of the trip? Ice cream at the next ranch stop? Get creative!

(Hint: Keep the game's rules, or even the name a secret for now; the surprise is half the fun!)

🚀 Launching into Round 1: 🚀

  1. Objective: Land your chosen rock inside the bucket. Sound easy? Here's the twist: No hands! How to transport the rock to the target? Your very own butt crack!

  2. Technique: Perfect your waddle, practice that shuffle, and aim! Once you make the long walk, now release your rock with precision, and a dash of hope.

  3. Results: If you nail it, congrats! You're onto round 2. Missed? Well, thanks for the laughs!

🎯 Advanced Butt Dart Rounds: 🎯

  1. Round 2 & Beyond: Made it past round one? Time to up the ante! Introduce obstacles one by one, crowd-sourced from your group of eager (and giggling) spectators.

  2. Obstacle Ideas: Cooler pyramids? Check! Crawling under tables? Yup! Scrambling up hillsides, braving log crossings, rolling across paco pads, or a raft fleet-crossing challenge? Oh yeah! Get creative, and always aim for max hilarity.

  3. Ultimate Challenge: For those elite few who make it to the top rounds, consider moving the bucket to a no-go zone. It's time for the ultimate butt rock launch. If needed, this final hail mary of butt darts, will undoubtedly select the champion!

🏆 Declare the Champ: 🏆 Witness the birth of a legend as the final rounds decide who's the ultimate Champion of Butt Darts!

Let the games begin and may the best adventurer win! 🌊🚣🏽‍♀️🎉 PS - We won't share all our river games, including some of the best! There's many more waiting to be discovered on the river with us!

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