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Experience the Thrill of Whitewater Rafting on Rivers Across Idaho

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Adventure Idaho, where our 25 years of experience on the Salmon and Snake River's whitewater is just the beginning of your adventure. Founded by Alan Davis, a seasoned rafter whose love for the river began at age 14, our company has evolved from a family's passion into a premier whitewater experience, successfully guiding thousands of people on Idaho's rivers. Alan's initial expeditions with Boy Scouts on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River laid the foundation for Adventure Idaho. Today, alongside his loving wife and three sons, who grew up respecting and mastering these waters, the Davis family invites you to be part of their river legacy.

Our specialty lies in creating unforgettable rafting experiences for families and youth groups. With a focus on safety and a splash of humor, our team of guides are not just experts in navigating the rapids; they are vibrant storytellers, witty entertainers, and masters of fun! Each guide brings a unique flavor of humor and adventure, ensuring your journey is as joyous and memorable on the river as it is around the campfire.

Whether it's an adrenaline-fueled half-day adventure or an immersive multi-day wilderness expedition, we offer a variety of trips to meet your group's aspirations. Our adventures go beyond rafting – they are opportunities to bond, to share laughter, and to create memories that will resonate for years to come.

Join us at Adventure Idaho for an experience where every paddle stroke brings a splash of excitement and a wave of unforgettable moments. Get ready to ride the rapids of fun and make waves of memories with us!

The Adventure Idaho Difference:

Professional, family friendly guides with a splash of humor!

adventure idaho rafting
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